Call for Session Proposals

We are currently seeking session proposals for each of our membership tracks; Admissions & Enrollment Management; Professional Development; and Registrar & Records as well as Reverse College Day.  Some session ideas collected during the January planning meeting are:

Admissions & Enrollment Management

  • Best Retention Strategies
    • Navigating a shrinking high school population to recruit from
    • How to evaluate first applicants in a post-Covid world? Test optional, disruptions in HS curriculum, etc
    • How to effectively create Articulation Agreements / MOUs with community college partners
    • Best practices in international admissions – credentials, evaluation agencies, standardized tests
    • The evolution of campus visitation opportunities
    • Catering to transfer populations- what does being a transfer friendly institution mean
    • NEBHE- opportunities and challenges
    • Symbiotic relationships across campus – who are admission champions
    • Graduate Admission trends and forecasting
    • Re-engaging Re-admits and Re-enrolls- how to service these important populations

 Professional Development

  • Panel on project management skills & experience managing large/multiple projects
  • Research Presentations by NEACRAO Members who have recently completed dissertation or thesis work relevant to Registrars and Admissions Officers
  • Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace (recruitment, promotion, training, developing DEI plans, etc)
  • Building Relationships and Bridges Across Registrars and Admissions
  • In-person, remote, hybrid? How to manage expectations, resentment, and conflict when there are different levels of need within an office.
  • Networking, Career Development, and Relationship Building in a Virtual World
  • Managing up in the wake of the Great Resign: How to express your needs to leadership

 Registrar & Records

  • Converting Transcripts to Digital
  • Operational Improvements
  • Registrar 101 – Nuts & Bolts of the Registrar’s Office
  • NCAA Certification Process
  • Authenticity of Documents
  • FERPA Training in the  Remote/Zoom Era
  • Accepting Electronic Documents
  • Career Trajectory in the Registrar’s Office
  • Policing of Academic Records
  • Registrar Roundtable
  • Enrollment Services Umbrella
    • Interoffice Collaboration
    • Where Does the “One Stop” Fit in the Current Higher Education Module

Reverse College Day

  • Supporting Innovation & Creativity
  • Helping Students Develop Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving Skills
  • College Admissions
  • Addressing Barriers to a Fair Education
  • School Counseling Leadership Development
  • Trends in Trauma & Crisis Informed Counseling
  • Supporting Gender Identity

Share what you know with your peers, submit a session proposal today!