Spring Newsletter 2019

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President’s Message

Dear colleagues,


Mark your calendars now for NEACRAO’s Summer Professional Development Workshop to be held on Thursday, August 8, at Fitchburg State University. This is an opportunity for all higher education professionals so be sure to share this with your campus colleagues.

Presented by Inspire Leadership, this year’s workshop is titled “Increase Performance and Energize! Understanding and Applying Motivational Theory in Your Workplace”. The workshop will run from 10:00am to 3:30pm on August 8 and lunch is provided. Registration opens June 6, but save August 8 now on your calendars.

I will write more in the next newsletter about November’s annual conference and Reverse College Day (RCD), but I want to highlight a few exciting developments right now. We’re very pleased to announce our speaker lineup:

  • RCD Keynote Address: Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis, Founder & Executive Director of Classes 4 Classes, Inc., which is a social networking tool for every student in the United States to learn: compassion, caring, kindness, empathy, consideration, through active engagement.
  • Annual Conference Opening Speaker: Anthony Everett, Emmy Award-winning anchor of Boston WCVB Channel 5’s nightly newsmagazine, Chronicle. *Note that the opening speaker will kick off the annual conference during the opening reception on Wednesday, November 6, from 5pm to 7pm, at the Newport Marriott
  • Annual Conference Keynote Speaker: Luisa Havens Gerardo, President of AACRAO and Vice Provost for Enrollment Management at Virginia Tech.

Please plan to join us at Fitchburg State in August and in Newport in November. Good luck finalizing your fall admissions and with your spring commencements!

Best wishes,

Mike Burke

Summer Workshop Save the Date!

Join us Thursday, August 8th at Fitchburg State University for our 2019 Summer Workshop, Increase Performance and Energize! Understanding and Applying Motivational Theory in Your Workplace, presented by Inspire Leadership. You won’t want to miss this!

Are YOU using your talents every day? Do you clearly recognize what gives your energy and motivation? Do you recognize and engage the talents of the people around you? By understanding the four Essential Motivator patterns, you will gain the knowledge and insight to increase happiness and satisfaction now – for you and others.

Our CORE needs are the driving force behind our behavior. We’ll go to great lengths to meet these needs. When you arrange your life to meet these need, you’ll feel happier and more satisfied. You’ll also gain powerful insight into areas of internal and unidentified conflict – the space between what we need to feel alive and what is required by our work and life situations. Sometimes just recognizing the motivational source of internal conflict is enough to guide us to the next step.

Registration opens June 6 at neacrao.org.

Nominations for 2019-2020

Nominations for NEACRAO Leadership for 2019-2020 are open.
Please consider nominating yourself or a colleague!
NEACRAO Leadership for 2019-2020
 Open Positions
  • President-Elect
  • Vice President of Admissions/Enrollment Management
  • Vice President for College Admissions and High School Relations
  • Secretary
  • Communications Manager (appointed)
  • Program publication chair (for immediate replacement)
  • Nominating Committee – 2 members needed for the committee (1 from Admissions/Enrollment Mgmt and 1 from Registrar)
Considerations for Nominating Officers (see position descriptions at neacrao.org):
  • Interest in serving and availability
  • Leadership potential
  • Institutional approval and support
  • President-Elect must have served on the Executive Council during the current or previous year
  • Candidate’s approval should be obtained prior to nomination
  • Nominee MUST be a member of NEACRAO
  • Only one nominee per form

[email protected] 2019

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our New Englander reception at AACRAO on April 2nd. We really enjoyed reconnecting with you and hope you had a great AACRAO conference.
Congrats to Joseph Wolk, Registrar at Bridgewater State University, for his “Best of State and Regionals” presentation at this year’s AACRAO conference. We were so pleased by the response from this session and were so proud of Joe for his selection.
Networking at the New England reception
Joseph Wolk at his “Best of State and Regionals” session.